JA•BU•KA juices are produced by mechanical squeezing of 100% of healthy apple fruits without the addition of water, sugar, color, flavor and preservatives.
Natural apple juice is great for hydrating the body, giving energy and it is good for health.

Currently we are packing Golden Delicious from ULO chambers, and from 01.02.2016. we have in plan to open the chamber with Jonagored and Idared.

Proizvodnja voća je zastupljena
na 400 hektara gde jabuka čini okosnicu sa zastupljenošću od
preko 300 hektara. NajvIše zastupljene sorte su: Idared, Jonagold, Golden Delicious
i Granny Smith

U.S. Ambassador visited "Voćko" in Tavankut

U.S. Ambassador HE. E. Mary Warlick (Warlick) come to Serbia and visited on Friday, 16.04.2010 Cooperative "Voćko" in Tavankut, near Subotica. 

Željko Nimčević, manager of the cooperative "Voćko" said the cooperative honored the arrival of the U.S. Ambassador. "We hope that our USAID support in our efforts to implementation our plans relating to plant fruit, particularly in the feasibility study of this project." With the support of USAID Agribusiness Project "Voćko" has already created a new promotional materials, adequately marked and branded its products and cooperative members have undergone training on the technology of production and storage of apples. Agribusiness project also allows "Fruit tree" to participate in international food fairs in Berlin and Moscow.