Proizvodnja voća je zastupljena
na 400 hektara gde jabuka čini okosnicu sa zastupljenošću od
preko 300 hektara. NajvIše zastupljene sorte su: Idared, Jonagold, Golden Delicious
i Granny Smith

JA•BU•KA juices are produced by mechanical squeezing of 100% of healthy apple fruits without the addition of water, sugar, color, flavor and preservatives.
Natural apple juice is great for hydrating the body, giving energy and it is good for health.

Currently we are packing Golden Delicious from ULO chambers, and from 01.02.2016. we have in plan to open the chamber with Jonagored and Idared.



Jonagold is an American variety made 40 - of the previous century, and as the name suggests, is obtained by crossing Golden Delicious and Jonathan. The production was introduced 1968th and became especially popular in Europe. Jonagold is a perfect blend of two varieties!

TASTE:  Honey sweet taste of Golden Delicious and lively acidulous taste Jonathan, Jonagold make excellent sweet-acidulous apple dessert. Texture of its meat is especially crisp and juicy. Excellent for eating apples, fruit salads and baking!


Idared is an American variety made 1935th The crossing varieties and Jonathan Wagner, and production was introduced 1942nd year. High productive the plantation species and undoubtedly today's most popular apple in Serbia & World! Because of the large and beautiful fruit, good flavor and an unusually long storage of fruits, it is very appreciated and it is no wonder that occupies a high place in the world.

Golden Delicious

Eureka! I found it! These were the words of Paul Stark of Stark Brothers Nursery, when bite this apple orchard in Anderson Mullins 1914th year. And really, it is gold found in the hills of West Virginia this special day. With this apple in your hand you can be sure that you drink champagne and eat the apple, famously said Stark. Whence until now, this is Apple gained enviable popularity among consumers and is grown in all the major warm cultivated areas of the world.

Granny Smith

Perhaps most recognizable of all the apples and certainly one of the most famous, Granny Smith is one of the most famous export product of Australia, and was discovered in Australia, 60 - by 19 th century as a random seeds the junk yard waste. Ms. Mary Smith, which has found, revealed that the apple "multipurpose" or excellent for both cooking and for consumption in fresh condition. New variety is called Granny Smith and is responsible for the spread of its popularity. By the 60's 20th century Granny Smith has become virtually synonymous with the apple.


Was created by crossing varieties Elberta x Springtime, 1966. The fruit is a large group of 184 on 195g, height 60mm, width 67mm and thickness 69mm. Epidermis is yellow recast red lipstick on the surface of 50-60%. The meat is yellow, firm, juicy, excellent flavor. Completely separated from the pit.

Čačansko zlato

This apricot was isolated by clonal selection from natural populations homemade apricot since 1952. Product is middle size average mass 54g, height 49mm, width 48mm, thickness 45mm. Scarfskin is orange yellow with additional red color with scattered red dots. Color of Mezokarp is golden-yellow, with fine structure, great taste and pleasant aroma. Ripens in late second and early third decade of June.

Čačanska rodna

Created in the Fruit Research Institute in Cacak. When ripe and stenlej. The fruit is medium-large 25-30 grams. The flesh is yellow, firm, slatkonakiselo, pleasant taste and good quality. Pit is small and can easily be separated from the meat. The fruits are universal applications.
Provides high-quality brandy.