Currently we are packing Golden Delicious from ULO chambers, and from 01.02.2016. we have in plan to open the chamber with Jonagored and Idared.

Proizvodnja voća je zastupljena
na 400 hektara gde jabuka čini okosnicu sa zastupljenošću od
preko 300 hektara. NajvIše zastupljene sorte su: Idared, Jonagold, Golden Delicious
i Granny Smith

JA•BU•KA juices are produced by mechanical squeezing of 100% of healthy apple fruits without the addition of water, sugar, color, flavor and preservatives.
Natural apple juice is great for hydrating the body, giving energy and it is good for health.

Granny Smith

Perhaps most recognizable of all the apples and certainly one of the most famous, Granny Smith is one of the most famous export product of Australia, and was discovered in Australia, 60 - by 19 th century as a random seeds the junk yard waste. Ms. Mary Smith, which has found, revealed that the apple "multipurpose" or excellent for both cooking and for consumption in fresh condition. New variety is called Granny Smith and is responsible for the spread of its popularity. By the 60's 20th century Granny Smith has become virtually synonymous with the apple. This somewhat unusual apple attracts about his color of grass, long kept, and has versatility, ' "which consumers prefer.

TASTE: Taste is emphasized acidulous. It is a crisp apple, hard meat and very sharp taste. However, its long ripening flesh becomes softer, and served little Cooled can be very refreshing. Excellent for consumption in fresh condition, in wonder, and also very good for fruit salads (especially because it sliced and retains its color).